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The University of Maine Farmington encourages students from every academic major to explore your opportunities to Study Abroad.

We believe that a relevant international experience not only enhances your academic qualifications, but it helps you to develop personal characteristics that will be appealing to employers and your community.

IMPORTANT: please read all of the following information carefully. There is nothing in here that you can afford to ignore.

You should aim to complete the first three steps a full year before your program begins. Missed deadlines and lack of planning are the primary factors that keeps otherwise eligible students from taking part in study abroad programs.

1) Get the Facts and do your Research!
All students must meet with the Study Abroad Director in the Office of International Programs. Schedule an advising session to discuss program eligibility, options and procedures. UMF offers a variety of programs. You are strongly encouraged to investigate several UMF programs before researching recommended provider outside programs. View the
Program Map for a listing of programs recommended by UMF.

2) Apply to UMF for Study Abroad Approval
You will first submit the completed UMF Study/Student Teach Abroad Application to the Office of International Programs.  Download the application forms from myCampus, UMF Tools, Forms and Documents. Once you have UMF approval to study/student teach abroad, you may proceed with any further online or paper based application materials. These requirements vary by program. All students applying to programs through a recommended provider will need to submit online applications and mail supporting documents directly to the provider, AFTER they have received UMF approval. Timing is everything, so be sure you don't miss any deadlines.

4) Approval and Acceptance for Recommended Programs
Once you have received a formal letter/email of acceptance to your program, notify the Office of International Programs by forwarding a copy of the acceptance
. The Study Abroad Director will work directly with the program provider to develop a billing process which allows us to bill you for your program and for UMF financial aid to be applied toward your program.

5. Pre-departure 

After acceptance into a program you will begin the Pre-Departure process which includes various paperwork and a mandatory meeting for all students studying abroad in the following semester. Study/Student Teach Abroad Pre-Departure paperwork can be downloaded from myCampus, UMF Tools, Forms and Documents. If you will study abroad through a recommended provider, there will be additional pre-departure processes to complete for them as well.

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